41st MWRM, 2006

Midwest Award Symposium Honoring Professor Jay Switzer, University of Missouri-Rolla

Women in Chemistry

Solid State/Materials/Nano Science

Chemical Education

Industrial Innovation

Publish or Patent?  Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer


40th MWRM, 2005

Green Chemistry


Innovations in Polymer Chemistry

Interactions of Organic and Inorganic Substances with Clay Materials

Science Education K-12

Smaller is Better: Miniaturization in Analytical Chemistry

39th MWRM, 2004

Crystal Engineering—Supramolecular Chemistry

Drug Discovery and Bioorganic Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

Methods of Electronic Structure Theory

Nanostructured Materials and Air Quality

Sol-Gel Chemistry

38th MWRM, 2003

Biological Mass Spectrometry

Surface Science

Food Chemistry—A Myriad of Applications of Chemistry

Supramolecular Chemistry

Towards the Ideal Synthesis

Special Analytical Session Honoring the Career of Stanley Manahan

Chemical Education

Chemistry and Technology for the 21st Century

37th MWRM, 2002

Anion Receptors

Applications of NMR to Problems in Materials Science

Applications of NMR to Problems in Pharmaceutical Chemisry


Green Catalysis

Meeting the Analytical Challenges of Proteomics

New Developments in Combinatorial Chemistry

Probing Biological Surfaces

Research in Problem Solving

Theory and Simulation of Condensed Phase Materials

36th MWRM, 2001

Recent Advances in NMR

Asymmetric Organic Synthesis: Methodology and Total Synthesis

Functional Foods and Their Role in Consumer Health

Surface Science

Recent Advances in Environmental Analysis

History of Chemistry

Advances in Chemical Education

Chemical Education (7-12 Content Integration)

35th MWRM, 2000

Supramolecular Chemistry

Frontiers of Drug Discovery

Chemistry of Radioactive Drugs

Organometallic Chemistry in Organic Synthesis

Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials

Frontiers in Analytical Chemistry

Green Chemistry and the Second Green Revolution

Natural Products


Chemical History, Celebrating the E. A. Hitchcock Alchemy Collection of the Mercantile Library

34th MWRM, 1999

Chemical Education and the Web

Missouri Magnetic Resonance Symposium

Analytical Chemistry in the 21st Century

Green Chemistry


33rd MWRM, 1998

Current Advances in Photosynthesis

Chemical Sensors: New Frontiers

Molecular Recognition in Biotic and Abiotic Supramolecular Systems

Real-Life Applications of Quantum Mechanics

Surface Science: What Can We Learn from Model Systems

College Chemical Education in a New Millenium

Chemistry Instruction Designed for Today’s Students

32nd MWRM, 1997

Non-linear Optics

Missouri Magnetic Resonance Symposium

Polymer Technology

Teaching Chemistry K-12

Coatings Technology


Rapid Characterization

Free Radicals in Biological Systems

31st MWRM, 1996

Inorganic and Organic Applications of Solid-State NMR

Characterization and Modification of Surfaces

Surface Science

Reforms in Chemical Education